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Learn with shapes, colors and sounds from an early age

What colors, shapes, and sounds most surprise children? From a young age, children perceive the world through striking impulses that awaken their curiosity. This provides them with a broader view of the world around them, recognizing all these details. Did you know that KIDS’TABLE makes all of this possible? The digital table with Montessori games …

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The importance of children’s emotional security

It is crucial to consider all the feelings and sensations experienced by young children during their development. At times, you may have wondered how they tackle certain matters and questions at such a young age, but their cognitive abilities are continuously evolving. Did you know that emotional security is one of the most significant sensations for their growth?


Virtual education: what is it and what are its benefits?

Virtual education, also known as online education, refers to the delivery of teaching and learning in a virtual enviroment through ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). The use of these tools provides quality education to society, thanks to the numerous benefits it offers.

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