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Active learning: what it is and how to foster it

With KIDS’TABLE, you can cultivate children’s motivation in their own learning journey through an extensive collection of over 150 educational apps for learning through play.
Our interactive table nurtures the innate skills of young children in a fun way that adapts to their own pace.

What is active learning?

Active learning involves empowering children to actively participate in their own learning process. It revolves about dynamic experiences where children become the protagonists in their education.
This approach not only helps them grasp concepts more effectively but also strengthens their analytical abilities and fosters autonomy. Moreover, it encourages teamwork and facilitates positive social interactions, contributing to their overall social development.

How to promote active learning in children

Create spaces for autonomy

Allocate areas where children can read, do arts and crafts, write, or conduct their own research.

Collaborative projects

Encourage healthy relationships and teamwork by organizing activities that promote socialisation.

Responsible use of technology

Teach children to safely utilise electronic devices. Interested in learning about responsible technology use? Click here!

Educational games

Keep your children engaged with games that inspire them to seek solutions and overcome challenges.

Cultivate curiosity

Foster their inquisitiveness by asking thought-provoking questions that stimulate critical thinking and encourage research to find answers.

Embrace experimentation

Motivate children to explore and try new things, allowing them to make mistakes and learn from them.
Remember that each child is unique, and it’s crucial to adapt activities and learning approaches to suit their individual needs and preferences. With KIDS’TABLE, children take control of their learning journey!
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