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The importance of children’s emotional security

It is crucial to consider all the feelings and sensations experienced by young children during their development. At times, you may have wondered how they tackle certain matters and questions at such a young age, but their cognitive abilities are continuously evolving. Did you know that emotional security is one of the most significant sensations for their growth?
Emotional security is an essential foundation for their well-being in social and learning environments, and it can be nurtured through the presence of caring and appreciative people in their lives, among other ways.
KIDS’TABLE offers more than 150 applications that stimulate all these abilities while igniting children’s curiosity about the world around them.

Why is it important to enhance children’s emotional security?

At this stage, it is natural to wonder what the benefits of developing children’s emotional security are. Don’t worry! Here we explain them:

Stimulates their cognitive abilities

Children can enhance their autonomy and feel safer exploring the world around them. Moreover… they learn new things and have multitude of new experiences! With everything in their favour, they will be motivated to make new discoveries and grow.

Strengthens bonds

Emotional security fosters healthier and long-lasting relationships with their surroundings. Feeling safer in a familiar and social environment, they will strengthen these bonds, which promotes their growth in the short and long term.
Young children can enjoy KIDS’TABLE both on their own and with their family. What better way to spend time in a safe and fun environment?

Reinforces resilience

It is important to nurture their abilities so that they can confront future challenges and obstacles. Children who have a solid foundation in emotional security are better equipped to overcome the dificulties that may come their way. As a result, they develop skills and learn to effectively manage their emotions.
The digital table is the perfect companion for their journey. Designed and tailored to their abilities, with KIDS’TABLE they imerse themselves in an endless world of possibilities where they can explore and engage in all kinds of activities.

How does KIDS’TABLE foster their emotional security?

Emotional security is key for children’s well-being and their cognitive development. The interactive table with apps and games actively contributes to their growth, ensuring tranquility and safety at all times.
The space is designed for them to navigate without encountering advertisements, hidden payments, or external links that might hinder their experience. With the influence of the Montessori method, they acquire the necessary toolsto build and reinforce their skills.
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