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Virtual education: what is it and what are its benefits?

Virtual education, also known as online education, refers to the delivery of teaching and learning in a virtual enviroment through ICT (Information and Communication Technologies). The use of these tools provides quality education to society, thanks to the numerous benefits it offers. Discover all the advantages of technology in education here.
KIDS’TABLE is the digital table with over 150 educational apps that allow children to learn through play while having fun and through safe software that enables them to develop their skills for the future.

5 advantages of online education

Instant access to information

Children can quickly access the information they need, fostering a broader perspective and critical thinking skills.

Flexibility in learning

Online education offers the flexibility to access content from any device and choose suitable study times according to individual preferences.

Breaking geographical barriers

Online platforms enable communication and collaboration among students and educators worldwide, transcending geographical boundaries.

Autonomy and independence

Children have the freedon to determine their learning pace, method and focus, according to their own abilities and requirements.

Active learning

In virtual education, students become active participants in their learning journey. They can personalize their learning experience, resulting in heightened motivation and genuine curiosity.

KIDS’TABLE as a valuable learning partner

With our tablet-table children can enjoy educational games that strengthen their skills while having fun. On their own or with family, they enjoy the best educational games actively and at their own pace.
With no ads or hidden payments, KIDS’TABLE ensures a safe digital experience. The time-limit feature also promotes visual breaks for a healthier learning routine.
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