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What are APKs and how does KIDS’TABLE restrict them

The vastness of the internet opens up a whole new world of possibilities. Among the programs that can be installed on a device, APKs stand out. APKs are a standard file format used by the Android operating system for distributing and installing mobile applications.
When it comes to our children’s safety, we want nothing but the best. That’s why KIDS’TABLE has developed a download-free system that eliminates advertisements, hidden payments and external link browsing.

But why does KIDS’TABLE avoid APKs?

KIDS’TABLE is a digital table designed for the safe and enjoyable growth of young children. It offers over 150 applications based on the Montessori method that provide the best of this approach through technology.
Here are the reasons why KIDS’TABLE restricts APKs:


Installing APKs from unknown sources can be risky as it may expose your device to malicious applications that compromise its security and the stored data.


Certain applications may not be compatible with specific devices or Android versions. KIDS’TABLE excludes all forms of online stores to prevent downloading applications. It comes equipped with all the necessary tools.


Installing APKs can potentially void your device’s waranty as it violates the terms and conditions. KIDS’TABLE prohibits external manipulation of the device to avoid any potential irreparable damage.

What are the drawbacks of installing APKs on the tablet-table?

If children install APKs illegally, such as paid apps or games without proper payment, they risk exposing themselves to malware or viruses that may jeopardise their privacy and personal data security.

KIDS’TABLE: the safe and enjoyable digital table

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