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The importance of children’s emotional security

It is crucial to consider all the feelings and sensations experienced by young children during their development. At times, you may have wondered how they tackle certain matters and questions at such a young age, but their cognitive abilities are continuously evolving. Did you know that emotional security is one of the most significant sensations for their growth?


How to Ensure Children’s Safety on the Internet

Ensuring your child’s safety on the internet is paramount, and cybersecurity is a crucial element in achieving this. By keeping this in mind, it is easier to educate your children on the proper use of the internet and make them aware of its consequences.

fomentar buen uso de la tecnologia

Digital literacy: what it is and why it is important

Investing in KIDS’TABLE is investing in the future of children. With our interactive table you can get the youngest ones to gain the skills needed to navigate the day. With more than 150 educational apps and thousands of videos, they will grow up having fun safe.

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