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How does KIDS’TABLE promote children’s autonomy?


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Discovering the world on their own is an act filled with adventures and a lot, I mean a lot of learning. 

That’s why in the journey of children’s growth, one of the most important abilities in their early years of life is autonomy.
It not only provides them with self-confidence but also prepares them to face future challenges with determination and security.
In this pursuit, we have developed the first product that encompasses all children’s skills and enhances them during their growth. Introducing KIDS’TABLE!

How can they enhance their cognitive abilities and their autonomy?

Montessori applications are a great way for the little ones to explore their abilities. With these apps, they not only focus on the core subjects of study but also learn more about themselves and acquire unique values.

For this development, the digital table enables access to over 150 educational apps, but that’s not all!

The structure of KIDS’TABLE forms a Montessori furniture piece adapted to their needs and daily tasks.

A digital table and thousands of adventures that encourage your exploration

So, what makes KIDS’TABLE so special in terms of promoting children’s autonomy? Firstly, it offers them a multifunctional space… just for them! 

This alone sparks children’s curiosity to investigate how it works. As for its content, its software is specially designed to cover each subject taught in schools in an adapted manner, nurturing their skills.

Exploring the Digital World Safely

We understand that the digital world can be quite vast, especially for children. 

That’s why each of the incorporated applications ensures both their peace of mind and that of the adults, ensuring limitless and secure growth.

This allows them to navigate the digital world autonomously, interacting with their environment.

  • Building their confidence. Children act as the guides of their own freedom, which strengthens their self-esteem and creativity.
  • Development of key skills. Each of the KIDS’TABLE applications leads them to different learning experiences. This way, they develop essential skills such as problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking.

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