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Learn with shapes, colors and sounds from an early age

What colors, shapes, and sounds most surprise children?

From a young age, children perceive the world through striking impulses that awaken their curiosity. This provides them with a broader view of the world around them, recognizing all these details. Did you know that KIDS’TABLE makes all of this possible? The digital table with Montessori games motivates them to learn with shapes, colors, and sounds from an early age. This makes it easier for them to develop their skills!

What colors grab the attention of children the most?

Bright shades like red, yellow, or green are the most captivating for young children. These enhance their visual stimulation as they associate them with feelings like fun, sadness…
KIDS’TABLE is available in four tones so that the little ones can choose their favorite!
On the other hand, pastel and softer colors are more attractive for babies. Have you noticed the decoration in some spaces for newborns? These nuances convey a greater sense of tranquility to them.

What shapes capture children's attention the most?

Curves and soft shapes are preferred by our little ones, but… why? If you observe their first stuffed animals, these figures are the most common. As one of the main toys they receive, they have a significant impact on their perception, which can be comforting and pleasant for them.
For older children, geometric and angular shapes like those found in building blocks can be more interesting due to their interaction with the pieces. Moreover, they come in various colors!

How does KIDS’TABLE adapt to the little ones?

By incorporating a variety of colors and shapes, the digital table fulfills all the requirements to become the new favorite space for children. In addition… it has a very soft touch! This way, not only are impacts prevented, but they develop in a place that’s completely adapted to them.
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