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How to Ensure Children’s Safety on the Internet

Ensuring your child’s safety on the internet is paramount, and cybersecurity is a crucial element in achieving this. By keeping this in mind, it is easier to educate your children on the proper use of the internet and make them aware of its consequences.
KIDS’TABLE is an interactive table with educational games that does not rely on monetization or connectivity systems. It includes over 150 applications that can enhance your child’s abilities in a fun and safe way.

Tips for Safe Internet Browsing for Children

It is essential to know what measures to take to ensure your child’s online safety without limiting their freedom. Therefore, we present you with four measures to consider:

Configure profiles that do not require personal information

Keeping your child’s iedntity safe means avoiding the uploading of content that involves them. In this way, they remain anonymous, choosing when they want to appear on the internet.

Manage their time

Children are increasingly exposed to the internet at a younger age. As parents, we must make them understand that it is just one activity among many in their daily lives.
KIDS’TABLE is self-managed to encourage the proper use of technology. It also sets predetermined visual breaks to avoid long exposures and possible dependencies.

Make them aware of risks

The internet is an infinite store of files, resources and content. Educating your children about their presence ensures their attention and understanding.
The touchscreen table with games is designed with closed and safe software that avoids all types of external links, unwanted purchases and advertising.

Monitor their browsing

Checkin your child’s browsing history enables you to access the pages they have visited and monitor their trajectory to keep them safe.

Avoid spam

It is crucial to indicate to your children which contents are safe to avoid scams and external links. With KIDS’TABLE, they do not rely on external links and are free from unwanted emails and other files.
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