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What are safe-for-kids apps like?

The safe software in KIDS’TABLE has been designed for children to explore with complete confidence through the digital table.
But talking about interactive children’s games on the tablet-table involves compiling the series of qualities that define them as safe for younger children. Do you want to know what they are?

Characteristics of safe applications

Children are born with innate abilities when it comes to the use of technology. Educational apps are ideal for complementing studies outside the classroom and having fun in the process. The use of these helps children associate concepts and definitions while strengthening their faculties.
To develop educational content that meets all guarantees, it is necessary to pay attention to various characteristics:


The conventional system of the latest tablets on the market offers all kinds of services including external opperations to their applications. With KIDS’TABLE, children immerse themselves in a safe adventure without purchases or hidden payments, avoiding any risks of unknown sites.

Simple and adapted interface

Applications must have an intuitive navigation that favours the little ones’ experience. The tablet-table offers software created by the KIDS’TABLE team, with all resources adapted to their skills for an adventure without limits.

No ads

Advertisement is implemented to make all kinds of products and services visible. However, its contribution to educational applications is minimal. Therefore, the interactive table does not show any type of advertisement, promoting free browsing for children.

Monitoring system

The touchscreen table with games is designed for the autonomous development of children. Likewise, it incorporates a time self-regulation system to attend to all their movements and progress, making good use of technology. Its inclusion is crucial in any content, thus giving it the characteristics that make it a safe toy.

Specific categories

It is convenient for an app to focus on a specific theme, avoiding all kind of external links. KIDS’TABLE does not need or use any conectivity, so it is impossible to access unknown media.
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