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Should children’s usage of screens be limited?

The advance of technology has taken giant steps in recent years. This requires us to ask ourselves a fundamental question: how to bring this technology closer to children’s daily lives in a healthy way.
Thanks to KIDS’TABLE’s parental controls, adults can set children’s play schedules to instill responsible use of electronic devices.

KIDS'TABLE for safe growth

The time-limit function of our interactive table sets random breaks based on the time of action in each game so that children learn to use technology responsibly. How does it work? We tell you how!
We must differentiate between the automatic option and the manual option:


The automatic option is configured as standard in all KIDS’TABLE and appears under the name “Break”. It automatically locks the table during specific periods of time through videos which will prevent the child from continuing to play.


This is the mode that can be set by adults to establish their own play times. They can choose between two options:
  • “Unlimited”: there is no limit on use.
  • “Restricted”: restricted use is established by time slots during the week or on specific days.
In the restricted-week mode, we can choose the time of use for the whole week by time slots. For example, we allow free use of the KIDS’TABLE from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm.
In the restricted-day mode we can:
  • Choose to restrict each day separately.
  • Determine whether a specific day is restricted (set time slot), unlimited or forbidden.
Each day is fully adjustable!
We cannot avoid the fact that we live in a digital era and that more and more digital operations are carried out through an electronic device. Therefore, at KIDS’TABLE we want to develop children’s digital skills in order to build a future where they can easily manage their daily lives.
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