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Digital literacy: what it is and why it is important

Investing in KIDS’TABLE is investing in the future of children. With our interactive table you can get the youngest ones to gain the skills needed to navigate the day. With more than 150 educational apps and thousands of videos, they will grow up having fun safe.

What is digital literacy

Digital literacy is the ability to perform tasks in the digital environment; from investigating, understanding and evaluating information, to making online content.
Here’s an example: from sending a message on WhatsApp to your friend or searching on google for the date the Titanic sank, to editing a video for Youtube or making an administrative procedure.
Therefore, every action made through digital means, from the simplest to the most complex, constitutes digital literacy.

Importance of technology

Children are digital natives and it is our duty to help them grow into adults able to navigate society. That’s why we created KIDS’TABLE, the digital table that allows them to learn through play and stimulates their cognitive development.
The use of technology makes our lives easier. Thanks to KIDS’TABLE we can instill proper use of technology in children from a young age. Free of advertisement and hidden payments, they play while learning the basic notions of the digital world.
The educational content in our interactive table kindles intelectual curiosity, critical thinking and autonomy, key factors in digital literacy.
KIDS’TABLE’s time limit function sets random visual breaks for a responsible use of screens. Finding a balance between digital and non-digital is instrumental in the integral development of children.
Creativity and innovation are also characteristics of digital literacy, since it gives children the ability to see things from a new perspective, developing concepts and exploring new paths.
It’s your turn! Now that you know what the importance of digital literacy is and how it influences the children’s growth, it is up to you to offer them a quality digital education.
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