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How to browse the Internet safely

KIDS’TABLE is the first interactive table on the market designed under secure software, with more than 150 educational apps and thousands of videos.
The Internet brings us great benefits, there is no doubt about that, but it also poses a risk if we do not use it correctly. Do you want to know a serie of tips to browse the net safely? Keep reading!

5 tips for safe use of the Internet

Install an antivirus to protect your system

Did you know that with KIDS’TABLE this is not necessary? It has a source software and is free of external links that could endanger the system.

Be careful of unknown Wi-Fi networks (even if they are open!)

KIDS’TABLE is designed for home use, so you only need to be connected to your personal network… And that’s it!

Pay attention to the URL

The HTTPS protocol should appear in the address bar, which is reflected with a small padlock and indicates that the information is fully encrypted.

Choose a complicated password

Avoid using common passwords such as name or birthday. In this case, you should choose a long password combining letters, numbers and special characters.

Avoid access to unknown websites

The educational content of KIDS’TABLE is entirely created by our team of professionals and endorsed by experts in education, with no possibility of downloading or accessing any external links.
By following these tips (and using a little bit of common sense), you will not have any kind of inconvenience when browsing the Internet. The practice you will be doing will be completely safe!
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