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KIDS’TABLE is the first touchscreen table with games that includes Montessori applications. All of them enhance the cognitive development of the little ones as well as promoting their autonomy and creativity.
Do you remember what the Montessori method consisted of? If you want to find out all its benefits… keep reading!

Four Montessori benefits in children’s development

Traditional teaching methods require very specific factors that can demotivate them. An active role in their development brings together all the necessary conditions for this process to make growing up more enjoyable.
Not only do they discover their full potential, but they are also capable of correcting their mistakes and learning from them. The Montessori system focuses on various abilities of the child at a physical, cognitive and motor level. For this reason, it has multiple advantages for young children:

Awakens their curiosity

KIDS’TABLE is unique as it implements the Montessori system with various elements for the little ones to interact with their environment. This educational content based on different shapes and colours captures their full attention, awakening their initiative.

Tailored and adaptable

It reinforces the child’s authority in their decision-making. Montessori activities are designed based on a trial and error system with which they can draw their own conclusions without the help of an adult.
With the Montessori applications of KIDS’TABLE, they interact at their own pace, as it adjusts to their abilities.

Boosts their self-discipline

The digital table immerses children in an adventure in which they themselves will set their own goals and limits in learning.
In this way, they set their foundations and work to reach their objectives. All of this promotes motivation and confidence to continue learning on their own.

Grow up accompanied

KIDS’TABLE guides them so that learning through play is a collective activity in which all progress can be shared.
This system is inclusive for children of all ages. In this way, they grow as a team and older children can guide the younger ones as their main guides in the process. But don’t worry! They also have adult supervision.
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