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Montessori room: what it is and how to create one

For some years now, the concept of Montessori spaces or rooms has become known in many families. It began to be implemented in schools to promote autonomy and children’s development, and gradually it has been entering the homes of those willing to try it.
But, do you know what a Montessori room is? And most importantly, how can we adapt them to new technologies? Are these concepts compatible?
In KIDS’TABLE we tell you what these spaces consist of and how it is possible to integrate the use of technology in a Montessori room.

Create a Montessori room in just a few steps

The Montessori methodology is defined by the recognition of children’s autonomy, which drives learning and developing at their own pace.
Building a Montessori room consists of creating a space where children can play or stay in safely, placing everything within their reach. We condition the organization of spaces in order to stimulate their progress.
This helps them to undertake simple tasks like picking up their clothes, making their bed and tidying up their toys – any task that does not require an adult.
In Montessori rooms we distinguish four areas:
  • Resting: the bed is the most popular element. At floor level or at their height so they can sleep or rest when they need to. This promotes their autonomy and safety.
  • Reading: one way to encourage them to read is to provide a pleasant place for them to feel relaxed. Books should be within their reach so they can grab them whenever they want.
  • Materials: it is advisable not to overload the room with too many elements, so that they can make the most of what they have and keep them tidy. We can change these materials in order to generate interest and novelty.
  • Movement: a free space in their room for children to explore, use their toys or rest.
  • Unbreakable mirror: why is it so important for this element to be in a Montessori room? Because it promotes development on a visual, motor and cognitive level.

How to create a Montessori room adapted to new techonologies?

The interactive table KIDS’TABLE based on the Montessori method respects the principles of this methodology and adapts to the recommendations of Montessori rooms.
Taking into account that the goal of these spaces is to favour the autonomy of children creating a place where everything is within their reach, KIDS’TABLE adapts to Montessori rooms for young children:


So that it is easily within reach. It also integrates as a piece of furniture in their room, offering them their own space to do homework, develop their skills through technology or share games.

Preventive wood design

The rounded edges, high resistance to bumps and quality of materials make it perfect for children to play with it safely.

Takes care of their visual health

Thanks to its 21’’ size, children need to have a global view, promoting distance from the screen.

Favours their autonomy

One of the purposes of these rooms is to provide children with a safe space without adult supervision. KIDS’TABLE is the digital table that has safe software: in addition to not having any advertisement or hidden payments, it has a time limit that establishes regular visual breaks.
This also allows adults to determine the time that children can use the interactive table.
KIDS’TABLE is the best way to apply technology in our Montessori rooms. Its design is tailored to children, with safe software, Montessori applications, and, most importantly, its time limit; and allows the little ones to use it in a responsible and healthy manner. Moreover, KIDS’TABLE is a part of their room’s furniture, becoming a versatile place to enjoy technology, do homework or share with friends and family.
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