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Types of educational technology

KIDS’TABLE is the interactive table that incorporates the best of educational technology for the development of children’s cognitive abilities.
But, what is it exactly? It is based on a set of digital resources that are applied in the field of education. It integrates applications, systems and platforms that come together to provide more optimal learning. There are multiple types that characterize it. Keep reading to learn more!

What does educational technology consist of?

Educational technology is a part of children’s daily lives. Although you may not know it, it is already implemented in various media and its endless functions allow them to have a more visual understanding of the educational content they have. In addition, it integrates perfectly into the didactic environment for more effective learning. It is comprised of several parts:

Educational software

It is based on a grouping of programs designed for learning and the development of children’s capabilities.
KIDS’TABLE incorporates its own software created exclusively by experts and based on the Montessori method. In addition, it has the advantage of being closed software; it does not contain advertising or hidden payments. This way, children can explore freely on the tablet-table!

Visual learning platforms

They are virtual environments that allow access to educational materials, virtual classes, exams, activities or chats. The touchscreen table with games recreates a personalized environment with which children learn and have fun in the process, including the necessary tools.

Educational applications

Computer programs designed for mobile devices or tablets offer training and content on their platforms. The digital table contains more than 150 applications to enhance linguistic, autonomy, fine motor, or social and emotional abilities.

Learning management system (LMS)

This system controls educational material as well as creating it. KIDS’TABLE is configured with the time-limit function to promote good use of technology and the critical self-taught development of children.
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