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How to encourage good use of technology with KIDS’TABLE

Learning to use technology responsibly is easier with KIDS’TABLE! The first interactive table based on the Montessori method that stimulates children’s cognitive abilities in a fun way.

Tips for making good use of technology with children

We live in the technological era, so integrating technology into our daily lives offers great benefits and improves our quality of life.
But… How can we get children to make good use of these devices? We tell you all about it!

Sharing time with them

In the first years of contact with technology, it is advisable for adults to guide children in the process. However, it is important to keep in mind that it is not a matter of prohibiting or imposing, but of guiding them with respect and understanding.
With KIDS’TABLE you encourage the autonomy of the child to explore the functionality of technology on their own in a completely safe way. In addition, with the multiplayer mode you can also enjoy the best games as a family.

Games adapted to their age

And if they are pedagogical, even better. Learn by playing is one of the most effective ways to achieve the full development of the capacities of children.
KIDS’TABLE offers more than 150 educational games and Montessori applications approved by professionals in the education sector.

Set a time limit

The time limit function built into our interactive tablet by default schedules random visual breaks depending on the time of use to ensure children’s visual health.
It is recommended to avoid excessive use of technology and ensure a balance between digital and non-digital. Combining the Internet with other activities such as reading, drawing, crafts, etc., is a way to inculcate both ways of learning and achieve healthy growth.

Raising awareness about the proper use of the Internet

With KIDS’TABLE’s secure software created by our team of professionals, children are safe and enjoy exclusive content that is fully protected.
It is recommended to explain children what safe browsing is and what information they should not provide: personal data, images, addresses, etc., and the consequences of doing so.

Place the devices in common places

KIDS’TABLE fits anywhere: the living room, the bedroom, the kitchen… Any place is perfect for your interactive table!
Choose a spacious place where children have freedom. With KIDS’TABLE children can have fun with no adult supervision. All content is designed and selected exclusively for children, so there is no chance for them to access free content that is not recommended for them.

Technology as an ally

Technological innovation allows us to live comfortably in society. It is in our hands to make the most of all the possibilities it offers us, always in a balanced and healthy way.
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