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The best games to learn while playing

KIDS’TABLE contains the best interactive children’s games approved by education experts. The Montessori applications of our interactive table are designed to develop children’s skills in a fun and safe way.
Learning by playing is one of the most effective methods for children to take initiative and take an active role in their own learning. The games in our interactive table are created for children from 3 to 9 years old to develop their abilities at their own pace.
At KIDS’TABLE we have the following game’s content to choose from:

Colors and shapes

Children learn from a very early age to associate colors with everything around them. For example, if they draw the sun, they will probably paint it yellow, right? Or, if they draw the sky, they will most likely paint it blue.
And… what child hasn’t ever played at associating the shape of clouds with animals? The recognition and association of concepts are linked to their cognitive development.
At KIDS’TABLE we want the little ones to grow up having fun while stimulating their full potential.


Enriching social relationships is easier with KIDS’TABLE! This type of games helps children develop a sense of teamwork, respect and sociability.
It also encourages communication and the ability to detect the needs of the other person, essential qualities when relating to society.

Animals and sounds

With KIDS’TABLE they work on the association of sounds with animals and with the different elements of nature. This brings them closer to the world they live in and familiarizes them with it; therefore, they develop a much deeper perception of everything that surrounds them.


Words games help to improve language skills and introduce children to the world of both writing and reading, as well as encouraging speech development!
With KIDS’TABLE nothing is an obligation, the children themselves choose their own learning pace and the games they like the most, thus encouraging their curiosity and attention.


With our interactive table, you get them to become curious and creative people! Games dedicated to skill development are particularly powerful in enhancing their innate skills, stimulating their logical thinking and creating strategies to solve problems.

Weights and sizes

Created for children to develop their association, spatial vision and memory. They help to acquire basic notions of the weights and sizes of all the elements that surround them.


How about turning math into a fun game? The intellectual development of math games is crucial in early childhood education and a key factor for their growth.
KIDS’TABLE number games encourage logical thinking, mental agility and deductive reasoning through a totally enjoyable experience.


Our interactive table contains thousands of videos reviewed by educators for children to learn, be entertained and enjoy like never before.
From stories, crafts and curiosities, to the most famous children’s series such as Peppa Pig and Caillou.

Play as part of the learning process

Childhood can be full of happiness with KIDS’TABLE! Now that we know the importance of play in the healthy growth of children, it is our responsibility to put our hands to work and provide them with the necessary tools for the full development of their abilities.
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