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Types of intelligence according to Gardner

KIDS’TABLE is designed for children to develop their intelligences in an exciting way. You might be wondering why we’ve said “intelligences” in the plural form… Well, keep on reading!
For a very long time people believed intelligence to be a unitary concept, mainly based on the logical-mathematical area: if you were not good at maths, you were not smart.
Nowadays, however, thanks to the study conducted by Howard Gardner we know that there is not one single global intelligence, but multiple intelligences. None of them being better or worse, they’re different and associated to specific parts of the brain.

Who is Howard Gardner

Howard Gardner is an American psychologyst that in the early 80s proposed the theory of multiple intelligences. As a professor at Harvard University, he argued that intelligence is a network of autonomous sets, rather than a unified set as such.
When he finished his university psychology studies, Gardner studied the behaviour of different groups of people. “Some students have a gift for language but not for mathematics. Some are good at science, but are unable to analise poetry…”, Gardner points out.
Educational reference in recent years, he redifined the concept of intelligence and pointed out that every child has innate abilities that should be nurtured, as he refers to intelligence as a skill to develop, and not something immovable.

Eight types of intelligences according to Gardner

Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid. No, that quote is not ours, but Albert Einstein’s. He already said at the time that each person possesses a unique potential that needs to be developed.
Now then, what types of intelligences are there? Let’s get down to business!

Logical-mathematical intelligence

Do you know that our interactive table has a section exclusively dedicated to numbers? Turning maths into a game is more efective at the psychological level!
This type of person is particularly good at problem-solving, calculations and logic exercises.

Linguistic intelligence

KIDS’TABLE helps develop language and communication skills (both oral and written) through the best educational games. Children can enhance their linguistic abilities by exploring the wonderful world of words

Spatial intelligence

These individuals stand out for their talent in observing the world through different perspectives, manipulating it and reproducing it graphically.
Our interactive table stimulates the creativity and perception of children thanks to its more than 150 educational apps. Weights, shapes, drawings, painting… A whole world of posibilities!

Musical intelligence

Sensitivity to music is its main characteristic. Stimulating this type of intelligence with our educational apps promotes the recognition of different sounds and auditory comprehension through listening practice.

Bodily-kinesthetic intelligence

It is the coordination of one’s own body; in other words, the connection between mind and movements. With our touchscreen table visual-motor coordination and the ability to perform precise movements are developed through interactive games.

Intrapersonal intelligence

It is the ability to understand ourselves, recognizing our emotions and reflecting on our own behaviour. With KIDS’TABLE children can understand and manage their emotions through activities that encourage thought.

Interpersonal intelligence

Let’s turn children into kind and understanding individuals! Thanks to our interactive table children develop socialization and communication skills. Active listening, empathy and cooperation are key concepts in this type of intelligence.

Naturalistic intelligence

It’s the sensitivity to the natural world and the environment. With our children’s interactive games they recognise, understand and classify the elements of the surrounding nature.

Make them grow up safely while having fun

KIDS’TABLE is a safe toy to help develop each and every one of the intelligences thanks to the educational content of its games. Learning through play is the best way to achieve holistic development in children. What are you waiting for to get your own digital table?
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