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What is the Montessori Method and how does KIDS’TABLE apply it?

Introducing KIDS’TABLE, the first interactive table based on the Montessori Method that stimulates the mental and emotional development of children. With more than 150 educational apps and thousands of videos, its exclusive content is designed for them to grow up having fun.
But first of all, do you know the Montessori Method? Let’s give you a little bit of explanation!

What is the Montessori method?

The Montessori method is an educational system that advocates freedom and motivation in children’s learning through different stimulations. Based on the autonomous and unrestricted development of children, it empowers their cognitive abilities by offering an environment rich with stimuli with which they interact and grow at their own pace.

The features of the Montessori method in KIDS'TABLE

  • Encourage development.. With KIDS’TABLE children develop their skills and have fun along the process! The applications of our interactive table stimulate children’s cognitive and emotional development. They consider mistakes as part of the learning process and use them as an incentive to find new solutions.
  • Promotes autonomous growth. Adults participate as guides in the child’s development but do not impose their authority or behave as teachers. KIDS’TABLE encourages children’s autonomy to become independent and decisive individuals. “Teach me to do it without your help”, is one of Maria Montessori’s most famous quotes that perfectly defines this method.
  • It promotes learning. They learn at their own pace without any pressure. The children themselves set their own limits and choose their favorite content, awakening their curiosity to learn and turning them into people with their own initiative.
  • Encourages teamwork. Through the numerous multiplayer games, children acquire notions of self-discipline and socialization. Values such as respect and cooperation are their allies when playing with friends and family.
Learning while playing is possible thanks to KIDS’TABLE, the safe toy for children capable of stimulating their minds and emotions.
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