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Learning through Play: What It Is and Its Benefits

Incorporating play into the educational process of young children not only provides a more enjoyable development for them, but also allows them to apply their knowledge more effectively in their daily lives.
Playing is one of the first ways that children interact with the world. It becomes an ideal tool that accompanies them in their day-to-day lives, developing a wide range of skills. If you want to learn about all the benefits that come with it… Stay tuned and keep reading!

What Are the Benefits of Learning through Play?

Learning through play incorporates a series of characteristics that promote the growth of young children. There are multiple advantages to this process:

Encourages creativity

Children develop new skills through play. They explore through their imagination and awaken their curiosity about the world around them, providing new solutions. The interactive table makes all of this and more possible. With it, the little ones will have fun… for sure!

Promotes cognitive development

The touchscreen table with games based on the Montessori method enhances all the children’s skills by exploring all of their capabilities. It is important for them to discover their potential and develop it from an early age so that they are aware of their own abilities.

Improves social skills

Observe how they interact; they not only play, but also spend quality time with their family and friends, being aware of the importance of cooperative work.

Incrases self-esteem

They gain self-confidence and learn to make decisions and organize themselves. They are the ones who establish the limits of their own learning.

Helps them learn from their mistakes

Every misstep is an oportunity to learn. With KIDS’TABLE, they reaffirm their abilities by paying attention to both their successes and mistakes.
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