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Combining technology with traditional media

We cannot ignore that we live in a technological era where almost all actions are carried out online. Finding a healthy balance between digital and traditional media is essential to ensure the happy and holistic growth of children.
Rather than pitting traditional media against current technology, it is important to find a way for both to coexist harmoniously. One of the challenges faced by parents is how to introduce digital media to children without losing sight of the traditional ways. Let us share some tips with you!

Tips for combining digital and traditional media

Set a usage schedule

Establish a specific timetable for the use of technology. Teach them about the advantages that the internet brings to our lives and, most importantly, how to use it responsibly. Allocate time in a balanced way. For instance, they can enjoy the computer for an hour and then engage in other activities. It is crucial to set limits and not give in to potential tantrums or manipulation.

Have them read physical books

Opt for reading books in print to ensure children’s visual heatlh. Additionally, we provide them with that experience of feeling the touch and scent of books that reading enthusiasts so dearly love. Instill in them the habit of reading a little every day. Choose stories that capture their attention so that they associate reading with something enjoyable!

Keep electronic devices in common areas

It is important to keep potential electronic distractions away from the room where they sleep, especially at night, to avoid disruptions to their sleep schedule. Furthermore, this ensures constant supervision of their device usage.
With KIDS’TABLE, that isn’t an issue! The time-limit feature of our tablet-table allows you to regulate usage time, enabling you to configure necessary breaks by day and specific time slots.

Play outside

Taking children to the park or playing outdoors is essential for their happiness and well-being. They need to interact with the world around them. At this time, it is important to limit the use of mobile phones; it’s time to stimulate them with elements of nature rather than letting them get absorbed in a screen. However, we remind you that it’s not about prohibition; they can use their mobile phones as long as they have engaged in other activities beforehand.

Physical activity

Last but certainly not least, participating in sports and physical activities is crucial for children’s growth. It contributes to their physical and mental health, as well as the development of social skills.
KIDS’TABLE is the table-tablet that combines traditional and digital means to provide children with highly productive learning experiences.
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