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KIDS’TABLE is the market’s first tablet-table, packed with over 150 educational apps and
thousands of videos.

KIDS’TABLE is the market’s first tablet-table, packed with over 150 educational apps and thousands of videos. It’s specially designed for children aged 3 to 9, unleashing their full potential through the best interactive games.

It’s a tech-powered adaptation of the renowned Montessori method, fostering autonomy and respect as the path to learning. With Montessori apps, it nurtures their mental and emotional development!

Choose your favourite colour

KIDS’TABLE comes in four vibrant colours: red, blue, purple and yellow.

Expert-approved unique content

The tablet-table’s educational content is meticulously curated to help children develop their cognitive intelligence in a fun way, at their own pace. KIDS’TABLE sparks their innate skills and  best version of themselves!

Technical features

No ads or hidden payments. They can explore the tablet-table with no risks. Its safe software prevents unwanted purchases, downloads or external links.

Updates. KIDS’TABLE is always up to date with the latest system innovations. Simply keep it connected to Wi-Fi, and it will automatically update for the next five years.

Parental control. The time-limit feature of the tablet-table establishes visual breaks, ensuring responsible use of technology. Set specific usage times by specific time slots, days or weeks!

Versatile functionality. KIDS’TABLE is a versatile space in which children play, eat, do homework and create lasting memories with their families.

Built to withstand. It can handle a child’s weight and withstand even the toughest knocks. Its robust mateials make it an ultra-resistant tablet-table.

Tailored design. The tablet-table is thoughtfully designed at the perfect height for children, with rounded edges for maximum safety.

Ensure their childhood is filled with fun and happiness with KIDS’TABLE!



21.5” Full HD IPS




Lacquered oak wood

Parental Controls





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