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KIDS’TABLE is the market’s first tablet-table, packed with over 150 educational apps and thousands of videos.

Get your KIDS’TABLE now and experience all its amazing benefits! This innovative touchscreen table with games brings the entire family together for a unique adventure.

Based on the Montessori method, it nurtures the natural abilities of boys and girls, empowering them to become independant and resourceful individuals.

Available in four colours: blue, red, purple and yellow.

Safety is our top priority

The dedicated KIDS’TABLE development team has designed a safe software, completely free from ads and external links. This ensures a focused and safe environment for enjoying the best educational content without any distractions or risks.

Let them take the lead in their own learning! 

Did you know that learning through play is one of the most effective ways to foster holistic development? With KIDS’TABLE, you stimulate young children’s active learning and ignite their curiosity for knowledge.

Encourage responsible use of technology

Thanks to KIDS’TABLE’s time-limit feature they learn to use technology responsibly, safeguarding their visual health- You have the choice of automatic mode, which sets random breaks based on playing time, or manual mode, where you can customise usage time by specific time slots and/or days.

Superior quality and sleek design in a single product

Tailored specifically for children to enjoy safely, the table incorporates a highly durable touchscreen, engineered to resist breakage, cuts and scratches. Its design with rounded edges adds an extra layer of safety, preventing any accidents.

Don’t wait any longer and explore the magic of KIDS’TABLE today!



21.5” Full HD IPS




Lacquered oak wood

Parental Controls





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