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Legal guarantees


KIDS’TABLE covers any type of problem that the software presents during the warranty period, as long as it has not been manipulated by an unauthorized person.
The legal product warranty also applies in the event that the manufacturing of the table presents some type of failure or lacks any element that prevents the correct functioning of the table.
The provisions of the previous paragraphs will not apply if these damages appear after the coverage time offered by the product warranty.

Warranty period

KIDS’TABLE’s legal guarantee will be the one that is legally applicable in accordance with the regulations in force in the country of purchase of the client at the time of purchase of the product and will begin to count from the date of delivery of the product, understood to have been delivered on the day that appears on the invoice or on the corresponding delivery note if it is later.
Likewise and regardless of the legal warranty period, KIDS’TABLE will have a commercial warranty of XX months (X years) from the date of the beginning of the legal warranty.

Legal warranty exclusions

The legal warranty only covers defects in materials and manufacturing that are reported during the KIDS’TABLE legal warranty period. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damage caused by non-compliance with the standards specified in the instruction manual or by improper handling of KIDS’TABLE.
Damage caused during transportation due to poor packaging of the product sent to DEVICES ON DEMAND by the customer is not covered by this guarantee.
The following cases are excluded from the legal guarantee:

• Failure to comply with any of the requirements mentioned in this legal guarantee.
• Any interior or exterior component or accessory of the product that is not specified or
included in this warranty or is not part of the original product, as well as any breakdowns caused by them.
• Any defects and damage, such as those resulting from improper use, improper installations and failure to follow the user manual, as well as external factors, cosmetic damage, normal wear and tear.
• Any damage caused by the spill of dangerous and/or corrosive substances.
• Any damage caused to the screen as a result of actions outside of those usual and necessary to make correct use of the product. These actions include those that involve hitting the screen with any instrument.
• Any damage caused to the wood due to misuse and/or
maintenance of the product such as, for example, use of paints, corrosive substances, sharp materials…
• Damage to third parties resulting from improper use, including but not limited to (i) use of the product for purposes other than those for which it should be intended due to its nature; (ii) use of the product in a manner that does not comply with the applicable technical or safety standards in accordance with the provisions of this warranty; or (iii) failure to follow the instructions in the User Manual and Warnings.
• Breakdowns caused by abusive/incorrect use of the product for purposes other than those for which it was manufactured. Breakdowns in domestic products that have been given professional (non-domestic) use will be understood to be excluded.
• Damage and/or breakdowns caused by fire, flood, weather agents, accident, impact, crushing, application of inadequate voltage or energy or poor connection or other external factors.
• Breakdowns caused by using the product in places that do not meet the conditions recommended in the Warnings and Recommendations.
• Damage resulting from operating the device in a corrosive atmosphere or with environmental conditions not recommended in the user manual, warnings and recommendations.
• If the product has been repaired, manipulated and/or modified by personnel not authorized by KIDS’TABLE.
• Fraud, theft, disappearance or other intentional acts.
• Breakdowns that occurred over time that have worsened or that have occurred repeatedly due to not exercising the rights of the legal guarantee previously, thus causing greater damage.
• Improper use of accessories or electronic components in the product, and/or use of non-original accessories or components.
• Any impediment to the correct functioning of KIDS’TABLE due to problems in the network and/or electrical connection.

How to exercise the right of warranty

The KIDS’TABLE guarantee will only apply upon presentation of the original proof of purchase or the delivery note, if applicable.
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